Wills Cricket

Pakistan Cricket Board, and Pakistan Tobacco Company, the sponsors of the national cricket team, brought out an annual publication at the commencement of the cricket season in the country. I was associated in various capacities with this publication since 1987, and was responssible for not just assisting the sponsors with content development, but coordination with writers all over the country, plus managing the proof reading and editing, in close liaison with the designer and printer of the publication..

Wings Monthly

Having served a three year stint as an Air Traffic Controller, I decided to combine my experience of the field of aviation and journalism, and took over as the Editor of Wings, a leading monthly on Aviation, Defence, Tourism and Hospitality.

In connection with the editorial responsibilites, visited the Airbus Industrie production line in Toulouse, France, and covered the inaugural Dubai Airshow, besides conducting several interviews with leading personalities of the aviation and defence sector in Pakistan.

Women’s Cricket

Women’s cricket is a relatively new phenomena in Pakistan. Pakistan Women’s Cricket Control Association, the official body for the game in the country, decided to launch a dedicated publication for its followers. This was launched in Feb 2000. Editorial responsibilities include, aside from writing, overseeing the entire prepress and production, design, plus printing.


Lever Brothers Pakistan Limited used to publish a newsletter, TEAM. In 1997, I was handed over its production responsibilites, and over the years, it developed into an award winning magazine. Like other publications, responsibilities included developing it and having it designed according to the Company identity guidelines. The text was provided by the Company, but the entire responsibility for having it designed, proof read, edited, and tranlation from Urdu to English and vice versa.

Panorama Pakistan

A mega project of the Export Promotion Bureau of Pakistan, this publication had a long gestation period, simply because emphasis was on getting all the elements right, as it was to serve as a mirror on Pakistan. Responsibilities included conceiving the look and feel, deciding upon content in consultation with the client, coordination with the writers, plus the normal editorial work like editing, proof reading etc.

Hanif’s Brochure

Hanif Mohammed is a great cricketer; everyone knows that. That is all that I too knew about him until I started collaborating with him on his autobiography, “Playing for Pakistan.” Since then, I have come to know him as a person who is extremely intelligent, has a sharp memory and clarity of thought, and is a kind, humble and caring human being with a wonderful sense of humour and immense reserves of patience.

For me personally, it was not just an honour, but a pleasure and an educating experience to have worked with a person who turned out to be an excellent narrator of Pakistan’s cricket history.

The Cricketer

Cricket being not only my first love, but an abiding passion, has been responsible for my entry into the field of journalism and print media. Before I made my ‘debut’ in 1978, cricket writing had been totally a male domain. However, after having written in such prestigious publications as The Star, Dawn, Jasarat, Leader etc., I took over the editorship of The Cricketer, the country’s leading dedicated cricket monthly in 1986 and then again in 1997. The in-between years were devoted to foreys into the advertising world, but during which I remained associated with the publication as a contributor. As Editor, contributor of The Cricketer, i not only covered the leading tournaments and matches, but interviewed all the leading players and officials of the game.

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